Open up the possibilities and transform your Wide Area Network

The number of applications and technologies used within businesses is rapidly increasing and eventually connectivity links will become saturated and bottle-necked, leading to performance degradation.

The ability to deliver or increase available bandwidth typically depends on services such as MPLS or leased lines, which can often be rigid in formation and costly in both time and resources.

Onwave solves this by building Software Defined WANs (SD-WAN).

This approach allows us to optimise traffic between your MPLS and the Internet over: bonded cellular, satellite, xDSL, FTTC, fibre Ethernet and MPLS, for all applications and between internal and external users groups.

By combining services and routing in this way we can ensure that you achieve the right balance of security, flexibility, resilience and simplicity across your network.

This means adding new products, services or applications, scaling bandwidth, changing policies and increasing resilience all become easy to achieve.

As well as giving you centralised control and visibility, the entire solution is managed by Onwave’s in-house Network Engineering Teams so that you can focus on driving more IT improvements.

Unlike conventional WAN architectures that operate with a high level of dependency on fixed line services, Onwave offer a fully integrated SD-WAN over a combination of the best available networks.

The concept of the SD-WAN is to allow the enterprise network engineer to create a platform, or toolkit of functionality, making it possible to:

  • Connect users anywhere for instant access to any application.
  • Connect a new cloud service anywhere for instant availability.
  • Clearly monitor traffic flow.
  • Improve the level of redundancy and resilience across the network.

Onwave makes this simple to achieve and provides you with a risk-free way to transition away from your existing MPLS.

Connected technology without the hassle.

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