Internet of Things

Unlocking innovation through the Internet of Things

By 2020 it is expected that more than 28 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be in operation.

The continual growth in the IoT enables the benefits that can be achieved through proactive data gathering, analysis and management of your assets.

IoT networks typically comprise of three C’s: ‘Connect, Compute and Control.

Onwave’s focus is on the Connect element of these three stages: how devices, people and assets are connected via networks to facilitate real time data exchanges to aid business monitoring and improvement.

Due to the abundance of data sources (things), sensors, actuators and IoT platforms on the market, Onwave have focused on the creation of flexible Multi-WANs to allow sensors and devices to be deployed at the edge.

These networks form the backbone of individual IoT ecosystems and allow you to connect devices to your chosen platform, regardless of location.

By working together, we can build the control and flexibility your IoT network requires, encompassing everything from WAN selection, through to traffic routing and security.

Onwave will help you to optimise the network so that your IoT solution will become secure and headache-free.

Onwave’s focus on the IoT looks at the connectivity, networking and direct connection of devices, i.e. cars tools, appliances, street lights, power grids, pumps, buildings, etc.

While some devices and sensors connect directly from the edge to the IoT platform, the majority rely on short range connectivity (XBee, LoRa, SigFox, ZigBee, Bluetooth Low Energy).

As a result, reliably collecting data on mass from these sensors to enable remote collation and analysis for subsequent action can prove difficult.

A network failure will disconnect critical assets from control centres and can cause unnecessary problems.

Onwave understand how industrial telemetry requires highly dependable network connectivity and how to achieve this in challenging environments with our Rapid Connectivity and SD-WAN solutions.

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