Who are Onwave?

Our mission, our team, our company

The future is ever changing and evolving, especially in the technology industry.

Agility and flexibility to innovate are vitally important in order to stay ahead of the curve.


To create a sustainable business that helps customers to leverage technology to create efficiency and help future proof their business so that it is prepared for the changes that the technology revolution will bring.


To help businesses maximise their potential by providing the highest quality network infrastructure and connectivity services to support solutions that drive operational efficiencies and continual business improvement.


To work collaboratively with customers and suppliers to produce unified working relationships, believing that the strength of these relationships will be reflected in the speed and quality of the products and solutions delivered.

Our Team

Onwave consists of a wide range of individuals, from backgrounds working in both Blue-Chip companies and SMEs.

Our team has many years of experience in Networking and Telecoms, as well as Construction, Engineering, Rail, Health and Government Services, give us greater insight into industry challenges.

Our combined knowledge helps us to provide customer solutions, guidance and support that is better aligned to your business needs.


The Directors provide the Onwave team with support and guidance as the company grows. Using their years of experience and knowledge to pursue their vision and goals for the company.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team works collaboratively to organise the efforts of the departments into a single unified delivery team, whilst also providing direction and support for their individual teams.

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Our Company History and Ownership

Our History

Onwave has been operating since 2008, delivering fast, reliable, resilient and secure Managed Connectivity Solutions to business.

Investment from our parent company Nucleus VP group  has allowed us to develop leading edge, future proofed network technologies built around our own, fully resilient, core network; engineered to world class standards.

This network is now being used by some of the largest companies in the UK.

Nucleus VP Group

Onwave is part of Nucleus VP Group.
The Group’s mission is to build a lasting legacy of sustainable companies which make a difference in the world of technology.

Our Sister Companies

Nucleus VP Group is the parent company of Onwave UK Limited, SourceDogg Limited and NVP Energy.

SourceDogg Limited

A leading master data and supply chain software provider committed to offering the easiest-to-use software experience globally with solutions for:

  • Supplier master data
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Spot buying/purchasing
  • Contract management

NVP Energy

Developed a revolutionary wastewater treatment method that substantially reduces wastewater treatment costs and generates energy.

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