Technology Review Service

Assess and strategise a technology modernisation plan

How do you ensure your business keeps pace with advancements in technology and changes in IT networking?

At Onwave, we believe that the answer is in how you buy services.

Implementation Cycle

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Onwave’s experienced in-house networking and IT professionals, working in architectural and operational roles that live and breathe technology.

Onwave will assist with the completion of an independent assessment of your network and associated services, providing a comparison with business best practise.

We work hard as a business to stay in step with the technology and telecoms markets, with this expertise we can deliver plans and suggestions for a modernisation strategy to help transform and/or cut costs within your business.

For years companies have invested in physical infrastructure (servers, PBX’s and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks), these solutions are rapidly being replaced by Cloud Infrastructure, Office 365, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and mobile apps.

The challenge is finding the time to research, assess and deliver change alongside your day job.

We often see that companies find themselves in a constant implementation cycle, plagued with challenging obstacles.

Onwave can help you break this cycle and simplify the process of assessment, identification, testing and implementation of new technologies and systems.

We sort all the heavy lifting and sifting to find the most suitable technology options for your needs.

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