Network Design

Ensuring your network is fit for the future

At Onwave we understand that trends come and go, but good network designs and strategies remain.

Onwave can help you to develop and design all the fundamental elements of your network, from high level IT and network strategies, through to detailed Network Designs for your schemes, projects and customers.

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Onwave have a wealth of in-house technical network engineering expertise that can be applied to overcome your Network Design challenges.

The Onwave Team can help you structure design decisions based on first-hand experience, with an independent approach to the products and technologies on the market.

By combining highly skilled Network Engineers and IT Project Managers we can help you with the network design challenges that your business may ultimately face.

Our network team are used to running and managing large multi-vendor networks and can help you navigate the complexities of Network Design to ensure that your network is based on great design to take you forward for the next 5-10 years.

Good Network Design is fundamental in assuring the security and performance of your network and application services.

We will help you to analyse your current network strategies and work with your experts to look at possible futures and to develop a network structure that will support the continual evolution of your IT network.

Onwave will work with your executives to help you:

  • develop a robust IT strategy
  • build a detailed IT business plan
  • create high level network architecture designs
  • create detailed network topologies covering both the WAN and LAN
  • develop networks for your projects or customers
  • develop transition strategies for relocating your services to the Cloud
  • ensure new technologies are a fit for your organisation with our Technology Review Service
  • provide product recommendations of independently researched equipment

Connected technology without the hassle.

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