Wearable Technology

Technology to support, protect and monitor your workers

Since the 17th Century we have been strapping bits and pieces to our bodies in pursuit of technological nirvana” the Guardian.

More recently the use of personal wearable technology has soared with Google Glass, Fitbits, Apple Watch and many others.

With the development of these new wearable technologies, businesses also have the opportunity to take advantage to improve worker safety and health.

Onwave focus on wearable technology for the improvement field force safety and or performance.

We are keen to initiate pilot schemes with our Customers, forming partnerships to bring new ideas and technologies into the field.

Onwave have been honoured with opportunities to present our wearable technology ideas and discoveries at various Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) meetings, Supplier Days and other events.

Wearable Technology for the worker is still at the early stage but there are already some great examples in the market, a selection of which we have provided links to.

You may have a field force management application and tracking, but how do you know that they are not being exposed to harmful levels of dust, noise, light, etc?

At Onwave we believe that our duty of care has to go beyond just briefing and training staff.

Proactive technology solutions mean we can monitor staff and ensure that they are not exposed to undue risks.

As a network operator that focuses on mobility and mobile technologies, we can simplify the roll out and adoption of new technologies within your business.

Connected technology without the hassle.

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