Telemetry and Telematics

Giving you complete visibility of how your equipment is performing

“In order to have intelligence you need technology.”

With the increasing need to collect and analyse data for business improvements, telematics is one of the key technologies to enable this form of vast data collation.

Onwave’s telemetry solution consists of a small computer with a Peplink cellular router in a single enclosure, covered by our managed service.

The computer receives data streamed from the connected equipment (IoT sensors, SCADA) and uploads this (and GPS data) to our Cloud via a secure connection via the router.

Onwave telematic developments include:

Onwave have also developed a Geofence application for the control of work zone access and hazard area.

We also have a navigation-based telematics system for managing winter road treatment under development, which allows real-time control of routes.

Onwave use telematics to gather data from sensors to secure central points for control, monitoring and analysis.

Onwave have successfully deployed many telemetry systems that automatically upload sensor data to secure Cloud environment databases.

This data can then be fed to bespoke Customer interfaces with the option to be published publicly for greater transparency and visibility.

The value of telemetry data is endless…

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