Geofence Supervision

Protecting you from hazards

Hazards in the workplace come in many forms and employers have a duty of care to take measures to warn personnel of imminent dangers.

Geofences are perfect for setting work area boundaries in a digital mapping system to prevent staff from entering potentially dangerous areas.

We see applications for the Geofence solution in a number of industries.

The Onwave Geofence system is being used successfully by a grass mowing subcontractor to avoid the wrongful cutting of wild flower verges, site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and dangerous plant species.

For example, Transport and Logistics operators would benefit from early warning when approaching low bridges and width restricted areas, as well as advance warning of toll roads and Congestion Zones.

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Onwave have developed our own Geofence solution using custom data to provide an automatic warning, with complete centralised logging, when the device approaches the hazard.

You can have 3 pre-defined proximity distances around a hazard area, when they are entered an audible warning sounds (regardless of device volume settings), and the warning text must be acknowledged to silence it.

All infringements and acknowledgements are logged on your company portal and may be provided via email, SMS text message and/or push notifications.

We can integrate the system to import shape data from popular Graphic Information Systems (GIS) systems such as ArcGIS.

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