Asset Management

The continual evolution of cellular and radio based technologies has enabled businesses to connect more assets and gain a greater insight into business performance.

Improved asset information and connectivity allows you to remotely monitor conditions, optimise processes and proactively maintain assets.

Onwave are experts in bringing remote assets that would previously have been too difficult or costly to reach online.

It may be that you are looking to secure your fixed assets with CCTV/security systems, replace legacy systems (analogue lines, dial-up modems), or at developing a new control centre or operational model.

Your assets may be more complex and variable in nature, such as assets that you manage for your customers.

Asset Management strategies increasingly require robust, flexible data networks.

These networks are required to allow you to monitor, track, locate, communicate and control your distributed, remote fixed and mobile assets.

Onwave can help you to achieve:

  • Better control of your asset base, regardless of its nature.
  • Predictive management, including condition monitoring and operational efficiency of each of your assets.
  • Preventive maintenance, including status and servicing.
  • Corrective maintenance, including the ability to remotely correct or fix assets in the field.

We have worked with Customers to develop products that support a goal of smarter, connected assets,

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