Robust and resilient networks at every location

Physical security solutions are typically well defined but are often compromised by poor network security.

Specialist private network solutions with inbuilt service resilience can help you eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure construction

across the world accessibility to vehicles is increasing leading to the need to increase road capacities.

Highways England aim to add more than 4000 miles of extra capacity through smart motorways.

Deployment of closed networks or VPN based solutions.

Onwave design and deliver private networks specifically for security systems, this can include operating with no connection to the public internet with traffic inside private APNs over cellular networks or on private fixed line circuits.

We create VPNs, encrypting traffic between your IP cameras and on site monitoring equipment and your Alarm Response Centres (ARC) or Remote Video Recording Centres (RVRCs).

In addition to the physical design and implementation of the network to ensure the security of your systems Onwave can also assist with policy enforcement, over the air Firmware Management (FOTA) and with secure remote access to Mobile devices without compromising overall security strategy.

Onwave products and services have deployed from the largest CPNI security networks for large utility customers to small scale remote camera deployments on mobile towers.

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How Onwave overcomes obstacles to produce better solutions for our customers.

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