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More than just EPoS

Connectivity for a store is now critical and a single fixed line circuit is no longer enough.

Onwave provide dual fixed line connectivity on a Hot Failover (combining fibre, FTTC, xDSL) with cellular redundancy.

Our service will allow your store to take payments during a fixed line outage, maintain customer service satisfaction levels.

In the digital retail age, stores are increasingly providing free customer Wi-Fi to enhance the customer experience.

Through the use of captive portals, online content and advertising systems, which are integrated into Onwave’s cloud management platform, you can now deliver adverts, videos and content direct to your customers and in store.

Further changes are ahead as greater use of Cloud based services and Big Data analysis help to drive the multi-channel revolution.

Onwave will future proof your network against the growing data and bandwidth needs; either on a site by site basis, to assist flagship stores or a smooth long-term roll out of new technologies.

We will ensure the network is designed, delivered and repeated consistently throughout your stores.

EPoS and back office systems will be securely separated from the customer Wi-Fi to ensure business critical systems are available, even in the event of a main link failure.

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