Resolve the age old problems of track-side connectivity

Limited track time to execute works and carry out handovers safely has lead to the need to improve communications.

Improved safety and efficiency can be gained by implementing the correct technology supported by a resilient and secure connectivity service.

Deploying a secure, reliable data connectivity service and combining this with cloud based management system and GPS location, workflows can be enhanced and productivity improved.

This can help:

  • Reduce man-hours in the trackside environment
  • Improve visibility / communication with the field
  • Allow you to capture real time data and use applications in the field more successfully

Onwave connectivity and technology solutions are helping customers to improve safety and to make a step change in performance.

The improvements in mobile connectivity and Multi-WAN routers has now made it possible to create a secure connection in most locations.

Whether you are a national testing company looking to provide a stable platform for your mobile applications, or a network maintenance manager looking to gain a better understanding of the issues on the ground, Onwave have a range of solutions specifically designed for the Rail Environment.

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