Oil and Gas

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Oil and Gas is a highly regulated sector with strict operational and safety regulations.

Companies are adopting new technologies and monitoring systems to minimise incidents.

24/7/365 monitoring and 100% reliability is vital.

For sites where safety is paramount, the ability to reliably monitor people, places and assets 24/7/365 in real time and rapidly action control measures is crucial.

Systems implemented on conventional single WAN connectivity is likely to prove unreliable or provide patchy coverage and will often be offline, leading to significant manual intervention.

The lack of a reliable connections may also be detrimental to productivity as workers cannot access enterprise and cloud based applications, leading to inconsistent working practices and an increased risk of error.

Onwave deliver networks to Critical National Infrastructure (CPNI) standards.

Onwave provide managed connectivity services based on secure cellular and fixed line bonded technologies, delivering resilience and performance in an instant.

Our solutions help to connect remote workers, to monitor and manage assets and work sites, enabling you to improve the security, control and performance at all locations.

Onwave can help you with all things connectivity related; whether you need to securely transmit data to your corporate WAN via our MPLS core network and UK data centres, or the development of sensors or software applications to support automated workflows and health and safety best practices.

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