Emergency Services

Solutions for securely connecting your front line staff

Emergency services need greater and better quality bandwidth to capture, relay and retrieve real-time information in the field.

Onwave can deliver fast, resilient and secure connectivity on the move to your operational units.

Many of the information technologies and enterprise secure apps are dependent on:

  • In-vehicle and in-field connectivity
  • Access to intranets and secure shared environments
  • Cloud-based or SaaS enterprise based applications
  • Video streaming from the location to the control room and back again
  • Local data including, mapping, landscape and building layouts delivered to the front line.

Emergency service organisations are under pressure to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness though the delivery and implementation of suitable technologies.  

Fast changing requirements and existing connectivity limitations mean requirements are not met, leading to less effective operations.

This is clearly evident with the increasing use of cloud based applications, video, mobile devices, pop-up sites, temporary offices and incident rooms.

Onwave have a range of products to rapidly set up new sites, connect remote workers, improve security, control and performance of services at all operational locations.

The equipment we use has been mounted into ambulance, police and fire services around the world to achieve greater backhaul connectivity.

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