Private Networking

Secure, robust, multi-layered Private Network solutions

Whether you work in the public or private sector, you will invariably have to securely connect your staff, offices and assets, (wherever they may be) to company systems.

To do this you need a network that is fast, reliable, scalable, flexible and above all, secure; this is where Onwave can help!

Onwave allow you to leverage our network skills and private interconnects to build your own Private Networking solution:

Completely Private Networks and Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP VPN).

We also combine our Private Network Services with Onwave’s Rapid Connectivity solution to provide a more complete solution.

As Onwave’s network is already privately connected with all the major cellular, fixed line and satellite networks, we can securely build VPN network solutions to enhance the deployment of secure end points for your business.

Onwave’s Private Networks have helped Customers to build secure solutions for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and for private point-to-point traffic requirements.

Private Networks and IP VPN will ensure that your company is protected, keeping your data safe and securing vital information away from the rest of the world.

Completely Private Network security features include:

  • Inability to be used by anyone without authorisation to do so.
  • Use a unique set of non-routable private IP addresses.
  • Use dedicated network equipment (routers, firewalls, connections) only to be used by your business.
  • Have no breakouts to the Internet.

VPNs offer you the benefits of a Private Network by overlaying a virtual security service onto a shared network infrastructure and are flexible and relatively cost effective to establish.

However, VPNs have slightly less security than Private Networks as they provide access to the internet via firewalls, Onwave recommend a combination of Private and virtual network services to exploit the benefits of both solutions.

Our service can provide a brand new Private Network, or an extension to your existing network allowing greater flexibility.

We can design, build and run a Private Network for you!

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