Legacy System Modernisation

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Since BT announced that they will be turning off their existing public switched telephone network (PSTN) and integrated services digital network (ISDN) by 2025, customers have been forced to look at how this will leave their business exposed.

If you are still dependant on these networks for service across your network what is your strategy for replacement?

If you do not have a strategy, or simply want support and guidance, Onwave can assist.

We are specialists in IP networking and can provide a host of services to help you keep pace with your business as it grows and changes over the coming years.

With our in-house expertise, knowledge and research we can help you to understand the available options for your business, ensuring that they.

Whether you are paying over the odds for historic leased line services or still reliant on dial-up or analogue PSTN, Onwave can help you make the network changes you need to ensure you are future ready.

Onwave will assist your business as it navigates the choices and implementation of new networking systems to ensure your legacy systems do not become an unaddressed risk.

It is undeniable that Internet Protocol (IP) based networks are now a must for businesses:

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) set to replace Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Fibre to the premises, while 4G becomes the new norm.

Services that were the norm as little as three years ago are now seen as outdated technologies: Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), leased lines, etc.

However, IP networking faces its own challenges with a dwindling supply of IPv4 address space and a continual increase in the number of connected devices.

You will need to consider how your networks will adapt over the coming years.

With a push towards IPv6 networks, faster cellular services (5G and beyond) and the internal drivers to connect more devices to retrieve more data.

Onwave have a complete range of IP network products and services that can help you simplify and streamline your existing networks to make them viable for the next decade.

If your business has a reliance on ISDN, PSTN or other outdated technology, why not contact Onwave to discuss the options available.

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