LAN and WAN Infrastructure

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well designed LAN and WLAN

From a networking stand point, the Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure often has an equal impact on end user service performance as the Wide Area Network (WAN) and underlying connectivity infrastructures.

At Onwave we treat the LAN and wireless network as a key element of our service delivery to ensure that your users receive the service experience that they need.

Onwave have designed and built over a thousand wireless and fixed LAN environments covering everything from construction sites to vans and yachts.

We provide a range of wireless and structured cabling services that are designed and implemented to suit your budget, environment and performance requirements.

When you order a LAN or WLAN service from Onwave we will design, configure, set up and install your local network to ensure you get exactly what you need, including: multiple SSIDs, LAN switches and CAT5/6 or local Fibre cabling.

Onwave also provide:
VLAN support, to separate and apply policy-based routing to different user groups and a Captive Portal, to deliver branded content, T&Cs and other information, control connection times, speeds and data limits.
User sign in with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. using social Wi-Fi Hotspots allowing you to learn more about your customer base and receive insightful reports.
We also offer wireless bridges to extend your LAN to secondary offices and locations.

Since the launch of the internet in the 1980’s, computers and devices have required connectivity, initially provided via wires and cables, before AT&T invented the precursor to the 802.11 Wireless LAN (WLAN) standards in 1991.

Today we still use physical LAN (CAT5/6 cabling) and WLAN infrastructures (wireless Access Points, APs, and wireless controllers) to provide local network connectivity to our devices and PCs.

While developments in the 802.11 wireless standards have seen regular improvements in the performance of wireless APs and networking, we regularly see poor deployment and design impacting performance.

Onwave want to help you harness the maximum capability of your network by designing and delivering wireless and fixed LAN environments tailored to your company’s requirements.

Connected technology without the hassle.

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