Disaster Recovery

Emergencies happen… what is important is how quickly you can recover

Networks are a key component of any operational business whether supporting your phones, Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) systems, accounts, email or other critical services.

The fact is that the cost of no service far outweighs the cost of planning ahead and provisioning for a disaster scenario.

Onwave’s expertise in providing secure, resilient and reliable networks will help you eliminate the risk of network failure and minimise downtime.

Do you want to beat the disaster and avoid outages by adding a failover path for your traffic?

Onwave prefer to eliminate risks within networks by removing single service provider reliance to ensure you always stay connected.

We supply simple low cost cellular backup services from as little as £20/month, supported by our Managed Service, including technical support and network monitoring to pre-empt issues.

It is an effective way to increase resilience whilst reducing IT costs.

If you are worried about your network or the level of in built preparation for your network to be able to deal with and recover from a disaster, give Onwave a call.

If you need to urgently deal with an outage, or if your incumbent supplier has been unable to deliver your fixed line circuit on time…

Onwave has a range of secure, high bandwidth, bonded 4G solutions that can be deployed to your offices, with our Rapid Connectivity Solutions.

Our Install Engineers are also available nationwide and ready to restore connectivity with minimal delay.

This is all covered by Onwave’s Managed Service, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We also offer data backup solutions to protect your data from a variety of risks including: user error, hardware failure, security breaches, loss or theft of devices, software errors, data leakage etc.

Onwave’s Cloud Services also offer cost effective benefits for secure storage backups and recovery.

Let Onwave help you to prevent disasters before they hit.

Give us a call to find out more.

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