Cloud Services

Strategy, selection and implementation

There has been a seismic shift in recent years from traditional on-premise networks and Data Centres (DC) to fast, agile Cloud platforms to accommodate business computing.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, as well as a host of hybrid private and public Clouds are now the accepted norms for hosting, backing up and running applications.

Onwave provide customers with access to Cloud Services and connectivity to ensure they are always accessible.

The challenge now is how to ensure you always have a reliable Internet connection to use these services?

Onwave’s award winning resilient managed Rapid Connectivity Solution can help, providing your business with a stable platform to begin expanding Cloud Services.

Specialised services such as Bonding-as-a-Service, provided to customers looking for greater bandwidth at their remote sites.

During this time of expansion, you may want to consider the use of a managed service provider and Cloud Service Broker such as Onwave.

We can help you to aggregate, integrate and customise Cloud based services, and serve as an intermediary between Cloud providers and your business.

Onwave provide a Technology Review Service in which we assess the current service and support the development of a digital business plan and Cloud strategy.

We will also assist with the network design, taking full advantage of the possibilities that the Cloud provides.

Onwave can also provide several Cloud Services:

  • Private hosting for secure customer environments within some of the UKs most secure Tier 3 DC;
  • Private Networks to connect into these secure environments;
  • Virtual Data Centres (VDC);
  • Cloud based private branch exchange (PBX) and voice services;
  • Cloud backup services;

Once you have made the decision to relocate your resources to the Cloud you will invariably increase the availability of your applications.

Connected technology without the hassle.

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