Rapidly Deployable Connectivity


Rapidly Deployable Connectivity

The Challenge

Osborne, a leading UK construction firm, needs rapidly deployable connectivity to remotely access critical resources to help streamline the construction process.

“Previously we would install ADSL but the lead times are unpredictable and could be anything from weeks to several months. These delays and uncertainties add significant frustration and cost to our projects.”  Phil Gilbey, Head of IT, Osborne.

Osborne (t/o £320 million+) employs around 1000 staff and several thousand subcontractors working on up to 90+ sites across the UK. Osborne clients span both private and public sector, including critical national infrastructure such as rail, road, health, and education projects. With a growing requirement for IT within the construction process, Osborne originally covered the connectivity gap between site and datacentre by providing 3G dongles, or 3G routers.

Osborne also found a great deal of inconsistency in this approach, over the years, Osborne has tested technologies such as satellite and running their own multi-SIM 3G routers but these options had significant complexity and cost drawbacks.

Osborne turned to Onwave, a managed service provider that offered a more reliable and predictable method of assuring site connectivity.

Our Approach

Onwave’s innovative managed service takes advantage of any available access method and bonds them together to improve the performance, reliability and flexibility of remote connectivity. The service uses flexible combinations of 3G, 4G LTE, FTTC, leased lines, xDSL and satellite to provide a guaranteed level of connectivity and bandwidth over a flexible contract period at any location in the UK.

As an ISP, Onwave delivers a complete managed service comprising of maintenance and traffic delivery from each remote site through its own network directly into the client’s own datacenter.


  • Shorten network setup lead time
  • Temporary bandwidth in areas with extremely limited coverage
  • Reliable access to datacentre resources
  • Simplify WAN provisioning
  • Improve data connectivity choices
  • Deliver resilience to remote sites

The Result


  • Instantly deployable network: time reduced from months to days
  • Guaranteed connectivity from diverse WAN types and providers
  • Flexibility in making use of available connectivity options
  • Reduce complex provisioning to Onwave’s simple MSP model
  • Seamless hardware failover

Connected technology without the hassle.

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