Fibre Line Loss


Fibre Line Loss

The Challenge

When a service provider error led to total fibre line failure, Amey’s Birmingham site was left completely immobilised.

The 3-month wait to reactivate the line was neither feasible nor acceptable for the 100+ staff and 5 servers on site.

Our Approach

Onwave immediately set up a VPN from their data centre to the Birmingham site to connect the 2 networks.

An Onwave engineer arrived on site at 9am the very next day, where he installed 2 routers with 8 bonded SIMs.

Each router was equipped with 2 SIMs, each from one of the 4 UK networks. By allowing complete cellular data access, Onwave increased resilience and minimised the possibility of any future  connectivity outage.

The Result

Not only did Onwave provide fibre-like replacement connectivity to all personnel on Amey’s Birmingham site, but they did it within 24 hours!

Connected technology without the hassle.

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