Caas and NaaS – what are they?

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CaaS (Connectivity as a Service) – great for companies who have already leapt into the Cloud – we bond together multiple carriers giving large bandwidth direct Internet access

NaaS (Network as a Service) – perfect for companies with a large WAN

  • Onwave has been providing CaaS and NaaS to our customers for more than 2 years, using a Multi-WAN router and tail circuits from 8 fixed line and 4 cellular providers.
  • Onwave cherry picks the best connectivity options in any location and mixes it with another option to provide cheaper bandwidth, greater resilience, and/or evolution of your site’s connectivity over time.

An example of NaaS:
One of our Construction Customers has an MPLS WAN core network, where their MPLS provider charges a lot to get new MPLS tails added.
Onwave has added a single gateway into the MPLS network and now uses this to deploy all new sites.

Day 1: MPLS WAN extension on bonded 3G/4G (backed up with traffic shaped satellite) and the order placed with best fibre provider in that location.

Day 40+: Onwave adds in the fixed line to the multi-WAN router when it is delivered, cellular can be left in place for resilience, or turned off to save costs. The same gateway is used so no LAN address changes are needed.

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