4G data is not just a commodity

 In Networks

All UK businesses now have a sole SIM provider so that they can get the best rate on data and calls for their staff who need a phone for work.

This leads to a simple view of the cost of mobile connectivity to the business.

There are however hidden costs; if you have a large number of mobile staff who use email, cloud-based tools or mobile apps for their day to day jobs, then a lack of connectivity creates waste and inefficiency in their working day as they wait to get online or travel to somewhere they can get signal.

Suddenly getting a great £15 a month SIM deal is costing your business money; hourly staff costs, factor in a van or car, technical equipment, maybe even a work gang who travel together; suddenly connectivity can take on a cost focus of its own.

This is why Onwave’s new product helps to “extend the WAN to the van” – we bond together all 4 UK mobile networks in a single router and back haul it to your Data Centres over our private network.

This gives the greatest possible mobile coverage footprint, with secure encrypted connectivity for your remote staff to carry on working more efficiently than ever before

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