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Join the growing ranks of exceptional businesses that have put their trust in Onwave as their chosen technology partner.
Onwave's Service
Our staff take pride in providing unbeatable service and developing collaborative long-term business relationships.
Onwave's Aim
Grow a sustainable technology company that uses connectivity to enable better business performance for our Customers.

Connectivity underpins everything we do at Onwave…

From designing and implementing your network through to supporting the realisation of business benefits with smart technology.

Onwave will help you embrace networking technology and maximise the advantages it can bring to your business.

Whether your teams are based in offices, remote sites or on the road, we have a range of solutions to help connect your business securely and effectively.

We solve business challenges in four key areas:

Design Solutions

Bespoke, purpose built for your business

Network Infrastructure

Innovative secure, scalable networks

Asset Management

A range of specialist services are available

Command and Control

Enhancing the performance of field operations

Design Solutions

Network Infrastructure

Asset Management

Command and Control

Onwave’s network is interconnected with all major connectivity providers.

We compare providers and select the services which best fit customer requirements.

We combine these services to form secure, reliable and resilient connectivity solutions that can then be used to support a range of technologies within your business.

All Onwave solutions are covered by our fully managed service.

Why Choose A Managed Connectivity Service?

Let us handle your connectivity…

Onwave take care of everything to do with the design, set-up and running of the service.

You can relax, knowing that this will happen quickly and usually within 5 days.

Structure pricing to suit your business preferences for Capex, Opex or Totex costs.

We understand that your service payments are driven by annual budgets, the need to charge projects or running centralised IT funding.

This is why Onwave meet with every customer to form an agreed payment model.

We then publish your own tailored price book so that you can budget your projects more easily and plan accordingly.

Short, flexible contracts enabling you to deliver a project without being tied into a long term commitment.

This gives you the opportunity to test Onwave’s service with a small project and/or group of users at zero risk to your business.

We allow maximum flexibility to ensure we deliver the best solutions for your business in any location.

The technology and connectivity available today will differ from what is needed in the future. Onwave will ensure flexibility to help you incorporate and manage technological change.

We can easily flex and amend, add or remove services to suit demands and changes within your business.

The transitional nature of our services means that if a new technology or more suitable solution comes to the market, we will keep you informed and change the service should you wish.

The technology and connectivity that is required and available today will differ from what’s needed and available tomorrow. Onwave help manage those changes.

With our monthly rolling contracts we can easily flex and amend, add or remove services to suit demands and changes within your business.

Our flexible service also means that if a better solution or technology to suit your business comes around, we will pass on the information and change the service should you wish to.

Onwave give you immediate access to competent technical support, with no call centres!

Onwave operational and support teams are skilled and experienced service delivery and network engineering professionals, accustomed to designing, delivering, managing and operating Onwave solutions 24/7/365.

We will work closely with your business so that our Engineers in effect become an extension of your own IT resource for a seamless service provision and management.

We have saved our customers an average of 67% on data overage charges.

Onwave help you to buy mobile data more cost effectively. Unlike most networks, we want to help you avoid data overage charges.

We help manage data usage by monitoring, assessing trends and unusual spikes in usage and advise allowance upgrades when necessary.

If over consumption issues are discovered, Onwave will contact the you and discuss alternatives and to help you avoid incurring these unnecessary costs.

Let Onwave help you reach your business potential.

A few of our happy customers…